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An Open Source Project for Windows Platform – NSIS May 26, 2008

Posted by linuxwarrior in LW Talk, Open Source.

This is not I write for windows people, as a open source enthusiastic, you will be glad to know this project is fully open source which build so many installers for windows platform.Mr. Bill should give thanks to this project.Though there are now automated system(without scripting) in windows to build installer, but this one is totally code base installer system which will give you full control and freedom.Yah, NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System), it’s a professional open source system to build windows installer. Link : http://nsis.sourceforge.net

My Experience
I don’t know this system before.After starting in my professional career I worked on it for the first time.For a project purpose I have to learn this new thing.The code looks assemble type, so many macros, plugins, functional base activity which great to learn.You can create any new plugins, which is appreciable there.Previous this plugins directory and architecture was not so good, now they improve it lot,currently there are lots of plugins into their directory. here is the link http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Category:Plugins , it’s under their Development Centre. Currently the GUI part is developed properly.
The community behind this project is so active and powerful.All time there are some burning issues are going on if you visit their official forum.There are code examples and some real world installer info into the site.By the way, the official documentation is good for new people.NSIS covered most of the thing from mysql to game explorer, string manipulation, sorting components etc. all are exciting part there.

A nsis installer is not just a simple thing, it’s burning your head if you deeply work on it.For my project there are Java related issues, Apache tomcat and famous Jar file, for installation, which burn me lot.Thanks god for doing this work.If you interest to work using this open source project, please visit NSIS site for detail information.
Have a nice day.

Contributed by Shouman Das


Ruby (Programming Language) September 25, 2006

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Ruby is a growing up programming language and it becomes popular to the web programmers. The main objective of Ruby is that it is an object oriented language. It combines syntax inspired by Perl with Smalltalk-like object-oriented features, and also has some nice features with Python, Lisp etc. Ruby is a single-pass interpreted language. It is a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has natural syntax that help you easy to write and read. If you want to learn more then visit the link below:

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S.A.M Harun

How far you go?……Google September 14, 2006

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In every part of my life Google is so important, not only me I think this happen in all other peoples. It’s really amazing that how google makes life so easy and faster. In beginning of my tech life I used Yahoo mail (still the account is live) and this made me slow when I checked my mails and other, although Yahoo Beta version already released but still it not as good enough like gmail. Gmail increase the speed and break all the rules. Do you use google’s calendar?, that’s fascinating work, I just track all of my works in calendar. Ajax, Ajax, Ajax…..ha ha ha.

Ok, I don’t want to mention any tech name of google because it will be boring, I know already you have this experience.
Today, I use blogger , but not so well as wordpress. Who knows google will kick all other in this arena soon.
Ok a guy, that’s my write for the day. Good luck!