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Linuxwarrior is founded in 2nd August of 2006.This is the new community for open source alliance.The LW group link is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/linuxwarrior . You can join the group and participate into the LW conversation.

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Primary Mission of Linuxwarrior :

In short, we want change in our existing system; we mean Open Source community is not so well organized whether our opposite community is so strong and well defined. Linuxwarrior have this goal but this will be our final stage when we gather all things under one roof.
In primary stage we try to create a new and energetic community whether they will share all things, in this point we want to say that we respect all of our senior warriors and persons for their achievement but sometime you have to leave your chair for the new generation.It’s time to rock for the new world, new idea,new voice,new hand and new SUN.
Here LW is different from the other. After certain period the primary stage will over then there will be another new mission for LW.



1. Md. Mahabubul Hasan Masud - March 1, 2007

Upcoming PHP release will offer Unicode Support

What is Unicode Version 5.0?

Unicode is an effort to map the characters of all Human Languages for use with computers. Version 5.0 of Unicode, released in the fall of 2006, contains nearly 100,000 characters and has the capacity for about a million. Support for Unicode in software is well underway, usually via one of the Unicode Transformation Formats: UTF-8, UTF-16 or UTF-32.

Why Unicode in PHP 6.0?

An important part of the implementation of Unicode is support for the “Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR)”. It will works as POSIX-like systems such as GNU/LINUX. It includes not just character sets, but also linguistic and cultural preferences for such things as date formats, currencies, and – of particular interest to programmers—how data is collated and sorted.

Changes of PHP version 6.0 after adding Unicode

Unicode support in PHP 6.0 will include a board selection of International Components for Unicode (ICU). These Components will include provision for Such actions as converting between one locale or character set and another, collation, transliteration, Unicode text processing, and Unicode Regular expressions.

The following changes will be focused on PHP 6.0
• PHP 6.0 Switch from single, generic type to Having two
o Unicode String type for Text data implemented through UTF-16
o A binary Type, which will include actual binary data and text data for legacy locales.
• The most obvious difference in string types is that
o Each character in a binary string will be one byte long
o While a Unicode String, a character may use more than a single byte, depending on the language and how it is encoded.
• In Unicode strings, characters may be referenced by either name or code point
• When PHP program runs, runtime encoding will specify which encoding to use.
• Text can be converted from one locale to another, so that, for example, English Speakers can read Greek names in Latin Characters, or a Japanese reader can convert full width characters to half-width ones on the fly.

The Current State of Unicode Development for PHP 6.0

According to the developers, most of the basic Unicode functionality is complete. The PHP Unicode team is currently analyzing functions to check which ones will require upgrading. As of Feb 12, 2007 he estimates that 61% or 1,844 of 3,047 extension functions were ready for Unicode support. He is hoping for an alpha release by the end of the first quarter of 2007, and the final version of PHP 6.0 by the year.

At the end the developers says they faced a big problem. They adds

“The largest problem is figuring how we build this thing so that you can run your PHP 5 scripts on PHP 6 without a few of them blowing up.”
1. Bruce Byfield, Wednesday February 28, 2007 (03:01 PM GMT)
2. Andrei Zmievski is one of the leading developers of the PHP programming language. Since March 2005, he has been working with about 20 other developers to add Unicode support to version 6.0 of PHP.

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