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Union of the Warriors, 12th February February 13, 2007

Posted by linuxwarrior in Blogroll.

Finally we met in yesterday. Yup, skype and IRC. For security reason some members show the objection about IRC but finally we take another step on Skype. For the first time we met several members in skype. Though it’s a informal meeting of Linuxwarrior but after some moments python takes the main part of the conversation. Some simple issues were talked there. Moment, we got a flavor of web application. The meeting duration was 3 hours. 

We give our thanks to prashanth, santosh, abhijit and others for their active participation. This is just a beginning, later on we will discuss about Linux issues in Skype. So, guys, from now, please activate your skype account. We will put our next virtual meeting soon. Need your feedback about that.

So bye for now. Happy Coding.




1. Russell - February 13, 2007

Security problem with IRC? Gee, I’ve been a major IRC addict for almost a decade now, and never heard of anything like this.

2. Santhosh. - February 13, 2007

Yah ..Its really great pleasure to talk with all our wrrior memebers at once. We really shread valueable information together. Thats helps everybody in the group. I expect similar kind of meets soon with everybodies support and co-operation.

3. kray - February 13, 2007

Missed the meeting.. Got ISP problem here..

4. Tuhin - March 14, 2007

I also missed the meeting. but hope to join in the next one.

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