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merry christmas December 24, 2006

Posted by linuxwarrior in LW Talk.
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Merry Christmas. Yes I will take a breath now and I think you also utilize this vacation. We are not a machine, we are human, as a human we need rest. I know all the members are busy…..keep way from all code, network and your machine for few days..….thats bit difficult I know. Ha ha is it sound like a weather report…..I don’t know….

Yes, technology grabs all thing even X-Mas also. Although I say keep way but we can’t. I read this interesting news from BBC. You can check out how tech bring a smart life for us.

I don’t take any more time…..Merry Christmas. Have a nice life. Now I hear a song…..

“Last Christmas I gave my heart”——Crazy Fog(Remix)
….Bye for now.



Linuxwarrior Site December 12, 2006

Posted by linuxwarrior in LW Talk.
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we are happy to say that we are getting extream response from world wide after opening the Linuxwarrior site. This site was launched in 30th November. There are so many upcoming events will add in the site. Site link is http://www.linuxwarrior.info . Visit the site and write your feedback. Enjoy whatever you like….Have a nice day.