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Real Fact September 24, 2006

Posted by linuxwarrior in Real World.

After Kerala revolution in India, Munich has begun its migration to Linux. The city announced its move to open source software.

Now it’s time for Asian Countries, who are comparatively way behind in the use of open source technology. It’s time to throw Windows in dust. Why we are fear to use Linux and open source software? Have you any real answer? The fear is for lack of information. Open source world failed to convince the mass people and the country Govt. to use OSS. But time will change everything and we hope one day the villagers/rural people of the rural area use the open source technology because OSS world is so big and large. Here we can say about the revolution of telecommunication sector.
I just read the news of Linux migration in Munich city. Here I quoted a line…. 

“Today, we’re still working in both the Windows and Linux worlds,” Schiessl said. “But over the next two years, the Linux world will get bigger, while the Windows world will get smaller.” 

Yes that’s the fact. We have to think in this way and surely we can do this. Aren’t we??…

News Source : http://www.cio.com/blog_view.html?CID=25009




1. Shouman - September 26, 2006

Yes,surely we can do that if we combine our strength.I can mention some news about Munich city,what is the real situation is there??



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